Any Drummers Out There?

Before it's too late for you, I'm gonna be a Dad and say it now. Stretch before your gigs! Although this doesn't pertain to just drummers, I'm a drummer, so the long and short of my experience with trying to bash things with style is felt and noted. I'm not an expert, nor really educated in Kinesiology (science of body movement), but I do know (and you do too) that the abuse we render our bodies to will creep up in the years to come. I stretch before gigs, but not to an expansive extent, even though I think that's a good idea, but some drummers don't really pull on their tendons and muscle fibers at all before a gig, which is a bad choice, hombre (yeah, I'm talking to you). Stretching AFTER your gigs is also a great thing, but I honestly don't do much of that. 

Any who, my way may not be your way, but we are all responsible for our own vessels, and as a drummer (a very physically demanding art craft), you gotta think smart. You've gotta survive on the road and that's gonna call for some vigilance upon yourself. When I don't stretch much, I feel the constant need to stretch the next day, which makes me feel tired and tempts me to sleep more and more, which in turn ends up being pretty bad for you. I just had a conversation with Eddie Tatar (D.I., The Dickies, Punk Rock Karaoke) about injuries and ingestion of things when we're young that may or may not come back to haunt you. He was right to say that it's not a guarantee that it'll came back to haunt you, but it's a pretty logical bet to wager. Do you really want to flip that coin? 

Photo by: Ben Seelig, The Dickies Guitarist

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