Ben Seelig Joins The Dickies

After about 20 years of being a very important member and guitarist of The Dickies, little Dave Teagues decided to go his own way, and into the sunset of new beginnings with other cool stuff. I'm gonna miss having that guy around. After a few talks, what ifs, who's who, and what's whats, a good old friend and student/ peer from my old Musicians Institute days ended up auditioning. I decided to throw him in the hat for the smallest reason. A month prior to his audition, He and his wife hired me and the bass player for Hip Hop artist Big Sean to put some tracks down for their new record. While we took short breaks to listen back to the drum tracks, we would kinda chat and sit around for a couple minutes, and the whole time, he had his guitar in his hands. there was a small moment while he was saying stuff and at the same time, he was fiddling blues leads. They sounded so good, and it was happening like water. Like it was just doodling. And at that moment, I said to myself, 'this guy has still got it!'.  So needless to say, Ben claimed the crown as the new Dickies lead guitarist. Ben Seelig and I used to meet up on the Metrolink weekday mornings on our way to class in Hollywood. From the train, we would then grab the subway from Downtown L.A., into the heart of Hollywood to spend full days and evenings of classes, studying and encountering very peculiar people on our subway rides home, or even in the morning for that matter. And when I say peculiar people, I mean crazy. So congrats buddy Ben. I knew you had what it took to join the likes of Seminal Punk band The Dickies. Let's get on with it! 

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