CJ Ramone Television Appearance

To be completely honest with you, I can recall my very first Ramones listening experience, but at the time, I didn't even know it was The Ramones. I remember when I was a kid, hearing "Scattergun" on the radio. The chorus stuck to my brain like burnt eggs onto a cooking pan. I loved it, and sang it over and over, while not paying any mind to who or what it was. It was just a song. It was just music. Something fun like a wad of bubble gum for my brain's chewing needs. 

Fast forward twenty something odd years later, I finally get around to listening to The Ramones' "Adios Amigos" release. And to my discovery, I realize that "Scattergun" was by The Ramones. But then, I further discover that song was lead by CJ Ramone. And even further realized that some of my favorite Ramones songs are with CJ on vocals. As fate would have it, this summer I got together with CJ to jam a few songs on a show called "Watching the Hawks". Great hosts and crew. It was a real honor jamming with CJ, and my good friends Dan Root and Steve Soto. The songs are from CJ's latest album, "American Beauty". A beautifully written and fun album. I really hope we do some more jamming together again.

I met CJ for the first time the day before the t.v. performance, at a small burger joint in Fullerton, CA. Dan, Steve, CJ and I just sat down, chatted and scarfed down some burgers and fries. We couldn't have met in a cooler way than that.

If you'd like to watch the episode, it's posted on my home page. Here's the link if you're too lazy to click on "welcome".

Episode link: CJ Ramone on Watching the Hawks

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