Funny Props and Appalling Jokes: THE DICKIES Celebrate 40 years

Just the mere smell of basic, head shop or majestic hippy store incense instantly hurls me back into the very day and moment I listened to The Dickies. I skipped school one day to check out the punk shops on Melrose (Hollywood area, for those non-California native readers). That day, and possibly everyday back then, the constant waft of Hollywood weirdo incense swarm through the Melrose strip. I remember that, and I remember buying "The Second Coning" album by The Dickies that day. Once I get home and pop the cassette into the deck, I'm anticipating some kind of ferocious, raw, wild 70's style punk sound that I hadn't heard before. And instead, comedy ensues. I don't know if it was supposed to be funny. I didn't know if I was supposed to be laughing or not. But I couldn't ignore that it made me giggle, and was totally taken back by the unapologetic humor that coated the overall personality of the band's sound. Completely different to what I perceived as the all important "punk rock sound".  



From what Stan Lee tells me, their first show was 40 years ago at The Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, sharing the bill with Germs and The Zippers. Yeah, I know. I wasn't even born yet. But I bet the farm that their level of controversy was a level up back in the 70's compared to incidents over the recent years. 40 years of controversy, a suicide, overdoses, drug recovery (and miraculous heroin survival at that), funny toys and offensive jokes, The Dickies celebrate their 40th year back where it all started this October. I have to say, I absolutely appreciate that every single one of us in the band are very different, if not completely different from each other. I feel when it comes down to making an important album such as a Dickies album, that's a main ingredient towards making something amazing and unforgettable. 

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