It's Just Punk Rock? Scraping down into the 'Punk Pocket'

"Dude, who cares. It's just Punk Rock." Over the years, I've heard this from punk fans and punk musicians. Although, I don't argue with them on how they see it, my approach and vision isn't that. 

In music, the concept of rhythms in time can be played with. They can be manipulated in drastic stretches, as in odd meter (changing the count from 4 to an odd number, or applying 'nested tuplets' a concept that Zappa used that my friend Jim chatted with me about,) or keeping common time (using the 1,2,3,4 system), but manipulating where you place your drum beat, and here's a quick description... 

Quick explanation: playing on the beat would mean that your hits are exactly on the beat (as close as humanly possible) or Metronome beep if there was one. Behind the beat would be you placing your hits just after the beat or metronome beep. Playing ahead of the beat would be you placing your hits just before the beat or metronome beep. 

With that being said, a technical approach to p-rock would be playing a little ahead on all your hits (snare, hi hat, bass drum), but that depends on the player, and if the player is even knowledgeable on the concept. I myself, love playing along to R&B stuff, and worked really hard to attain a sliver of the kind of touch that the R&B greats have when it comes to playing with gusto, yet playing behind the beat with the help of the late legend and great friend Chuck Silverman, so I naturally apply some of that to punk. I grew up on Punk and Metal, so I understand the urgency that comes with it when performing, but I also feel that finding the pocket in punk rock is important. Call bullshit if you like, but that's how you see it as, not me. 

Just because 'its just Punk Rock', doesn't mean that I need to see it as a free pass to be 'sloppy' or not care about the music. I want the fans to get their money's worth, and being intentional in precision and punk pocket is how I contribute to that. How do YOU see Punk Rock? 

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