Musicians Institute Success Story Feature

It really is an honor to be a part of MI's success story features. My goal has never been to become a rockstar. It's always been to become a successful musician, and to inspire kids that look up to my peers and I to be driven, passionate and extrordinary human beings. Here's the link: MI Success Story: Adam Gomez

MI forced me to grow into a professional that still maintained personal style and passion for the drums in my own way. I had friends that were upset with me over my decision for a formal, contemporary music education because they thought I would come out of it a robot. All they understood was the romanticism of not being "confined" to knowing what they were actually doing when writing and performing. And that's ok, but it wasn't ok for me. You don't sit in a MI core class and learn how to become a rockstar. You realize how much you don't know about your craft, then you grow. And of course, along with that comes the knowledge of knowing that learning your craft never stops, because its uses and abilities grow as time passes. 

So just a little piece of advice to my students and friends out there; stay sharp and never stop learning, and that's with life in general. Not just an instrument.⚡

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