My Departure from School of Rock

An Official Goodbye to School of Rock Students 

As of early August, the School of Rock Franchise and I have officially parted ways. Ever since I, myself graduated from a world accredited music school, one of my favorite things to do had been handing down the musical knowledge that's been passed down to me. 

I've had some big changes in my life these past few years (including a growing baby in my wife's belly, due late October), that have steered toward the logical change of staying close to home with everyday work (saves hundreds of bux on gas, and hours on the freeway).  
The biggest part of this change to me, is that I didn't get to say goodbye​ to every student during my last two weeks at School of Rock. It's been weighing down on me this past week, so here it goes. 

To the Students I've Said Goodbye to: 
Thank you guys so much for the heartfelt cards and gifts. I really appreciate the gifts (very much), but your words in the cards I received meant so much more. It really tugged at my heart strings to read all of your kind words. You guys are very thoughtful and considerate. That's a part of why you guys are so extrordinary. 

To my Band Rehearsal Students: 
Rock 101 bands (Angel Sneeze, and The Hollowed), It was such a blast jamming with you guys every week. Your talents are growing so quickly as a team. It's amazing to see you guys slowly grow more comfortable rocking out and being free on stage. Never forget my 4 rules!: 
1.Rock out.  
2.Rock out.  
3.Rock out.  
4.Have fun while rocking out. 

Take those rules with great responsibility, young rockers. The future of Rock N Roll is in your hands! 

To Every, Single Student of Mine: 
Wesley, Carina, Ben B., Jake, Joshua, Chloe, Jordan, Danny, Addison, Morgan, Destin, Andrew, Zach, John M.,  Sophia, Devin, Aiden, Chris H., Brooke, Christian B., Sanjana, Conner, Joey C., Nico, Trevor, Shae, Ted, Tyler, Luke P., Enzo, Ali, Dylan, Sebastian, Abby, Mikey L., Mac, Micheal B., Luke E., Sam, Mike H. Billy H., "Mad Man" Maddox, 
Caden E., McCade, Carrie, Julian, Rhys, Faris, Cooper, Everette, Jake, and Ella,  
Thank you so much for inspiring me to always push forward towards non-stop learning and the fun that comes with it. Every Single one of you have forced me to continuously view music from each of your points of view. To know that I've helped make a difference in your lives (miniscule or more) towards a positive path is such a huge reward to me. For that, I am absolutely and utterly grateful. Each one of you have become great human beings, and are still growing to become not just great, but extrordinary and exceptional. 

Here's one last tip: 
In my experience so far playing for bands I grew up listening to and touring the world as a career, Its become more and more of a reality that there's two main things that you have to strive for.  
1. Work your butt off to be great and to feel free on your instrument. This is obviously a given, but super important, regardless. 
2. Always strive to be an extrordinary person.  
Being the great person that you are, and always being the real, good you goes such a long way. When you develop real friendships around you in the music world, really great things happen because your intentions are genuine.  

Those two rules don't just apply to an instrument, guys. A huge reason why I've mentioned these ethos to you in past lessons is really because in whatever you choose to do, this way of thinking brings forth positive things. And that's what I hope for every single one you.  

We all wonder what the future holds and who knows; as School of Rock grows and expands, you just might see me back in the halls again down the road. Until then, keep learning and keep rockin', and don't forget to keep being awesome human beings. ?