Puerto Rican Heat: The Dickies Take Latin America

The fans went nuts inside Club 77 as we flew through our set. Everyone there seemed in such a joyus mood. Funny wigs, unrecognizable costumes and cocaine absorbed fans were the whirlwind of Halloween in Puerto Rico that night. Both supporting bands came in from Spain, and even though I can't remember their names, I did catch their sets. As my wife and I caught the band right before The Dickies went on, we kept looking up through the skylight to see the huge flashes of lighting. The experience was a weird mixture of dudes on stage wearing tennis sweaters tied around their collar bones, and lightning bolts... and fans running around hopped up on cocaine. It seems that cocaine is a pretty regular thing out there. From what was explained to me, it's a normal thing. It made sense once our driver told us they have no need for meth because cocaine is such a staple in the drug scene there. 
    You Puerto Ricans are cool, and crazy. Thanks for coming out! 

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