The Dickies Celebrate Leonard's 60th Birthday Sep. 9th in Hollyweird.

 As most of you know, Leonard was hospitalized one week into our 'Brexit to Palookaville Tour' in Europe this past Summer. We are all really relieved that his condition is not life threatening, but concerned that he's had to go through so much pain and discomfort. The bottom line is that in a time of urgency, pain and panic, The UK stood behind us. The fans held us up in confidence and the tour went on successfully all due to the undying support of the UK. 

So here we are; back home and hoping for a healthy recovery from Leonard. Friday, Sep 9th will mark Leonard's 60th birthday with a show in Hollywood at the Whisky A Go Go, and we expect it to be a very special, humbling and fun night. The Dickies were at the forefront of LA's 'Punk' birth in the 70's, so I consider any appearance by them in Hollywood to be very special. I don't say that as a band member; I say that as a fan. I highly suggest you grab a friend by the man-bun and drag them from Silverlake and straight into this gig. Special guests The Muffs and The Scurvy Kids will also be throwin' out a good time. The links below are for stuff in this blog that you might not have heard about, and would like to read up on. See you at the puppet show! 

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