The Dickies Full Album Performances Sold Out In NYC

Manhattan! This Friday and Saturday we are planting ourselves into New York soil, and sprouting forth the first two albums in two back to back nights at the Bowery Electric. Hence, forever imprinting LA Rock history into your East Coast landscape. If you live near by, I hope you bought a ticket or two. The Incredible Shrinking Dickies, and Dawn of the Dickies albums? Yes!!!

The past few shows we've been confronted and asked (quite loudly), "why didn't you play 'where did his eye go?'" I will tell you why my drunk and sweaty friends; because that is one of the tracks that is bundled into our Manhattan setlist that includes playing the 'Dawn of the Dickies' album in its entirety. What I'm saying is, if you want to enjoy those odd, quirky tracks live, you've gotta get to New York. If all goes well, there's a possibility we might manage to creep our way into your town, playing albums in their entirety just for you and your childhood buddies. It's very possible, but as of now, It's just one of those things. And by things, I mean it's only happening tonight and tomorrow at the Bowery Electric, and never happening again. 

I am personally really excited to be a part of this. Both nights are now officially sold out, so I hope you got your tickets!!! If you haven't, don't worry too much. We will be back in NYC Halloween night (Monday) to perform at Berlin. No albums being performed in their entirety, but all the jams, humor and props none the less. By the way, It's cold out here on the East Coast!!!

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