The Dreaded Dickiesaurus

I don't know about you, but being implanted as the spinal chord of The Dickies on a new single I Dig Go Go Girls (the first studio press in about 18 years) seems like an important thing to me. Not that it feels like a huge weight and responsibility, but more so a privilege to be imprinted into history with a band I grew up listening to. Leonard and I have had quite a few chats about horror movies and music, including me explaining my first Dickies listening experience. In his opinion, as the founder and front man of the band, me listening to the 'Second Coming' for my introduction to the band, and loving it makes me a freak. And rightfully so. 

The newest track I'm on is entitled 'The Dreaded Pigasaurus', which was essentially a gift from Leonard to Stan Lee (founding Guitarist) in homage to his recent Pokemon Go app addiction. Yes, addiction. I don't say it as a bad thing, I just say it as... a thing. We all know there are much worse things us humans can be addicted to, so being enthralled by an app ain't that bad in my opinion, as long as you don't get hit by a car or fall off a cliff chasing a Pikachu. If you happen to ask Stan about how his obsession started, I'd bet a few bucks that he'd blame me. To be honest, my role in it was really just setting up his Pokemon Go account because he had already heard about it, and kept bugging me to help him get it up and running while we were in Santa Cruz, CA in the middle of a tour. 

So, long story short-too late (as my buddy Mijee would say), our newest release is entitled 'The Dreaded Pigasurus' and a Cheap Trick cover of 'I Dig Go-Go Girls' featuring guest vocals by our friend Monkey from The Adicts, with art work by my good friend Chris Shary, and pressed by Slope Records, who so kindly graced us with their main voyager tour bus for this U.S. tour we're actually on right now. Physical copies are available in pink vinyl, and available in a special edition blue vinyl when purchased during our show on this tour. We're in the southwest as I type this, specifically Texas, so you KNOW it's time for BBQ. Warning* Do not attempt reading this while in motion in a vehicle or on foot pursuing any Pokemon of any shape or form. 


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