The Dickies

Toot's Tavern , 627 2nd Ave, Crockett, California

Crockett is located on the Mexican land grant Rancho El Pinole made to Ygnacio Martinez, and is named after Joseph B. Crockett, a judge on the California Supreme Court.The town started when Thomas Edwards Sr. bought 1,800 acres of land from Judge Crockett in 1866. Edwards built his home in 1867 and when other settlers arrived, he started the first general store in Crockett. Edwards' home still stands and is known as "The Old Homestead", a California Historical Landmark. In 1906 an agricultural cooperative of Hawaiian sugar cane growers built a sugar factory in Crockett, eventually turning it into a company town for the C&H Sugar company. So basically, The Dickies are playing and it's going to be fun!