Saw Adam play with The Dickies plenty, still can't get enough of those powerful & precise beats. Now I need him to drum in more of my favorite bands! ” - Michael Pilmer, DEVO, INC.



The Dickies @ Transplants Brewing Company

Transplants Brewing Company, Palmdale, CA

The Dickies, birthed in L.A.’s late-’70s underground music scene—back when punk rock was still in its infancy—The Dickies are one of the longest-running and most entertaining punk bands to ever take the stage. Formed in the San Fernando Valley in in 1977, The Dickies hit upon a winning formula with songs like “Stukas over Disneyland,” and “We Aren’t The World”—all of which feature fast tempos, simple chord changes and catchy melodies paired with goofy and satirical lyrics. It is a sound that would influence SoCal pop punk bands for years to come. As they approach the four-decade mark, the band’s founding members—guitarist Stan Lee and singer Leonard Graves Phillips—continue to draw excited crowds. One of the Dickies best-known tracks is the theme song to the 1988 cult horror classic, Killer Klowns From Outer Space—which was filmed in nearby Santa Cruz and Watsonville. Public Nuisance - An American hardcore punk band from Sylmar, CA. Established in 1981. Since We Were Kids- Southern California Skatecore. The Odd Advantage- An energetic and contagious group that draws its influence from Ska music, Punk Rock and Reggae. Passionate underground tones from Southern California. Noogy- Texas Punk Rock.

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